Bikin’ & Eggs

It’s 5:28am. It’s dark and there’s almost no traffic on Houston’s streets. That’s a perfect reason to ride. And…there’s tacos.

Houston can be a difficult place to ride your bike, especially if you do it for exercise. It’s hot and drivers typically don’t want to share the road with other cars, let alone a bunch of old guys in spandex on high-end bicycles. But before dawn Houston streets are practically deserted and at 85° F it is the coolest it will be all day. All you need is some camaraderie to get you out of bed and on your bike. And that’s essentially how the Bikin’ & Eggs group came about. And even though the core group consists of mostly men over the age of forty, there are quite a few younger riders of both genders. The ride can be brisk with speeds on Allen Parkway getting over 30 miles per hour. But Friday’s are reserved for a slower pace and always end at a taqueria.

So when the group came to me to design their riding kits how could I say no? After all, I like riding and tacos. The group is an impressive mix of people. There’s professionals from the oil & gas industry, medicine, and finance. The group includes expats from at least a dozen countries. They organize bike trips out of state and even outside the US.

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