3D Animation for
M‍-‍I SWACO’s reversible invert-emulsion reservoir drill-in fluid system.

M-I SWACO specializes in the use of the use of fluids deep down inside wells. These fluids have a variety of purposes that range from creating a temporary membrane along the wellbore, to thermal insulation in extremely hot or cold environments. Drill-in fluids act as a lubricant to help the drill bit break up rock as it moves through the formation, and it helps transport the rock cuttings to the surface where it is filtered and recycled back down the well. A key component of the drill-in fluid is the creation of a filter cake which is the membrane that forms inside the wellbore on the newly exposed formation. The filter cake helps to keep fluids from the drilling operations from being absorbed by the porous rock formation while helping to maintain the integrity of the well bore. Eventually the filter cake must be removed so that whatever petroleum or gas is there can be extracted efficiently. This removal is done during clean-up with a chemical, usually an acid, called a filter cake breaker. Typical filter cakes from drill-in fluids are oil-based, and difficult to clean up. Water-based filter cakes are easier to clean-up but they are not as effective as their oil-based counterparts.

This video demonstrates how FAZEPRO, a robust oil-based filter cake has the ability to change to a water-based state, making clean-up much easier and cheaper to do.

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