Resounding Vision Awards 2016

Illustration and design for fundraising event

Client: Nameless Sound
Role: Art Director & Illustrator

A quiet little nonprofit intent on making a big impact.



Nameless Sound is one of many small but vital nonprofits inhabiting Houston’s performing arts community. Its primary mission is connect children in inner city neighborhoods with music that is significant to their cultural heritage through workshops and afterschool programs. They also stage regular performances by local and visiting artists from all over the world in musical genres ranging from blues, to jazz, to improvisational experimental sound performances. As a nonprofit arts organization, Nameless Sound manages to do quite a lot on a tight budget, partly out of the generosity of dedicated patrons, and mostly out of the intense passion of its volunteers.

Over the years Nameless Sound has approached me to do the artwork for their annual awards dinner, a significant event in their fundraising. The individuals honored represent the best in talent and generosity Houston has to offer. It’s inspiring to be part of this organization.

Recent works