2015 OG+E Annual Report

Telling the story of how a company gives back to its community

Working closely with Art Director, Stephen Starr at Herring Design on a series of illustrations for OG+E’s 2015 annual report, we created table-top models that we could populate with buildings, infrastructure, and other amenities. Call-outs were added on top of the illustrations which highlighted the company’s, as well as their employees’ contributions to the community they live an work in.

We started by making a list of all the things OG+E wanted to feature, such as efforts to improve municipal parks. Then we created simple maps and sketches¬†around a collection of texts, photos and graphics to help us imagine these 3D communities. In some cases we referenced actual buildings, such as the city’s sports stadium and neighborhood recreation centers to use as the basis for our models. The finished renderings were executed with a minimum color palette to help the call-outs and color photos we used around the page to stand out.

Selected works